Praying for Faith and Understanding

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

My once exclusive reliance on reason in pursuit of truth has given way to a more balanced approach incorporating faith.  This now consists of first assenting to truths of faith followed by their rational evaluation to more fully understand.  This paradigm shift is still very much a work in progress. While I feel that my new approach has allowed me to become more comfortable with faith and has assisted on my path towards truth, my tendency nonetheless remains to fall back on reason even in cases when its limits are clearly reached. Recognizing this, I understand my need to continue to develop and utilize faith and ask for God’s assistance with my doing so.

Springing that idea into action, I have written a couple of prayers to help bolster my faith. My aims in doing so are twofold: 1.) to ask that God continue to open my mind and heart to the ways and truths of faith and 2.) to appeal to Him to continue to bless me with the ability to understand these truths.

God, thank you for the

opportunity to know You.

Though grateful for Your

Gifts of Reason and Understanding,

I realize that I am limited

in comprehension of Your Being.

Therefore, I humbly ask that

You bless me with faith so that

I may understand.

For through faith and understanding,

I may better serve Your Will.



God, thank you for Your Gifts

of Faith, Reason, and Understanding.

I realize that

my knowledge of Thee

is and will forever be incomplete

because of my limitations

and imperfections.

I understand that which

is necessary to fulfill

my purpose in life – to Love.

But where reason

falls short in comprehension

of Your Divine Being

and because my

self is divided,

please reveal to me

whatever else is necessary

to fulfill Your Will

and experience Union with You.



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