Where I am, You Are

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

In this Blog’s first Post, “What’s With God Rides the Bus?”, I shared a prayer written for others who may be in need – either materially, spiritually, or both. I’ve penned another, again based on my experience riding the bus. This prayer and my explanation thereof can help to further expand upon the title of this Blog – “God Rides the Bus”.

The event which inspired the prayer consisted of an auto accident, resultant gridlock traffic, an angry bus driver, and distraught fellow bus riders. Admittedly, I was initially a bit dismayed with the situation and obvious fact that I would be significantly late getting home. But the matter was completely out of my hands.  Therefore, I tried to submit to the outcome. Alongside my acceptance occurred the thought that I need to better trust in God’s Will. I had previously recognized that expectations of self, others, and events must go. Not only was the situation somehow an unfolding of God’s Providence, but I was a part of it, albeit seemingly inconsequentially. Additionally, I arrived at the insight that regardless of where I was or what I was doing, God too was present. And in that sense, I was exactly where I needed to be.

The prayer helps to remind myself that I’m not in control – God not only rides the bus; he drives it. Thus, I need to strip away all expectations and have faith in His Will. My perspective is changing with respect to unforeseen events, once thought of as inconvenient setbacks. Instead, I now try to view these as opportunities to identify ways that I can be of service, rid myself of expectations and attachment to outcomes, to be more patient, to trust in God, and to continually remind myself of His Presence.

God, where I am, You Are.

My needs are met;

Your Will fulfilled.

Where I am, You Are.

In thoughts of You

my mind is still.

Where I am, You Are.

No expectations

but gratitude.

Glory to Your Name;

Praise be to You.



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